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It's a common problem facing dog owners today. Learn how to teach your dog how to walk politely on leash! The skills you will learn in this two day course are based on behavior science and are force-free. No chokers, no prong collars, no aversive methods whatsoever. Your dog is great when it comes to sit, down, recall, even stay. Possibly the most difficult skill for people to master and teach to their dogs, walking nicely on a leash is so very important. Dogs who are able to walk politely on leash are taken out more, get more exercise, are more social, and well-adjusted.

If going for a walk with your dog means that your dog is pulling you all over, it is not only uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous. This 2 day intensive workshop will give you the tools and techniques you and your dog need to master loose leash walking. Do you want to learn and be able to offer your clients a force free method for teaching loose leash walking?

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Do you want clients to be able to master this skill quickly and efficiently? This workshop will teach you how to teach your clients! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This will be due to your pet history or your current circumstances for keeping a pet. You may wish to reapply if your circumstances change.

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No — we work directly with adopters to choose the right lifetime match. Shelter adoption saves lives, and we believe these pets are truly grateful for your kindness. The Humane Society of the United States offers a comprehensive website on renting with pets. Declawing is a painful amputation procedure, but some landlords insist that cats be declawed.

You may be able to get a letter from your veterinarian stating that it is medically inappropriate for your cat to be declawed. With that and a promise to keep your cat from damaging the property, your landlord may agree.

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Or try another landlord!! Put in writing the names of the specific pets you are allowed to have. Make sure you have a copy of the lease for yourself in case there is a change in landlord. However, new pets that you would wish to bring into the rental would be subject to the new rules. Download our LOST! Craigslist postings are also free, as are NextDoor posts to alert your neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Post flyers in the area where the pet was found, at vet clinics, pet supply stores and any other community bulletin boards. Use this link to review lost and found animals locally. Bring a clear photo of your pet. Visit in person, do NOT call — only you can be certain whether an individual pet is yours. Visit every day! Check the main kennel areas, the found pets book, the DOA book, and lists of animals who may be in a restricted area of the facility due to an injury or other circumstance.

Understanding animal behavior can help your search be more effective and successful. If you are able to keep the pet with you safely while you are searching, make it easier for the owner to find you! Here are some suggestions:. This is the most likely place for the owner to check on its whereabouts. Categories

You can call or go online to check on its status as often as you like. AACCC can also send an officer to your home to get the animal if you cannot transport it yourself — call for assistance. Friends of Pets often has donated pet food available to share. We can also help point you to other resources. Call our main number at and leave a message option 7.

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Friends of Pets offers a free grief information packet that can help address the common feelings associated with the death of a loved pet. Send an email request to Peg , or call her at to request a grief packet. Be sure to give your name with proper spelling and complete mailing address. Your packet will arrive in days. If you are worried that a pet you know is being mistreated or neglected, it is vital that you take action — the animal cannot seek help on its own. Please, do not leave an animal without hope of help because you are afraid to take action.

Make the call today. Online resources for rental listings that accept pets include the Anchorage Daily News and other local newspapers, Craigslist, NextDoor, Facebook and more. An internet search is the easiest way to start. See the Renting with Pets section of this page for resources and suggestions, including a list of local apartment complexes which allow pets on approval. Remember, once you have found it, the best way to keep a pet-friendly rental is to be the kind of responsible renter and pet owner that landlords will appreciate.

Pets are frequently surrendered to animal shelters due to behavior problems which could be solved. Call our main number at and leave a message in box 7 so a volunteer can call back to discuss your situation. Our resource topics include:.

A movie about your dog is about to hit the big screen. What’s the title?

Dogs — We recommend the resources on pet care and behavior information found at the following websites:. For a wide selection of books and resources, visit DogWise. We do have several suggestions for you as you seek to rehome your animal companion:. We cannot promise to save your pet, but we will definitely look at it as a possible candidate for the rescue program. Purchase a sturdy, waterproof storage container for each pet, and fill it with the following supplies:. All pets need a collar with ID and license tags.

A microchip provides a permanent form of ID. An extra tag with an out-of-area contact name and number is important if you and your pet are displaced and become separated.

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Emergency stickers at each entrance to your home alert rescue workers to the pets who live there. You may not be permitted to return for them, or you may not be able to reach them safely. We are a non-profit organization, staffed entirely by volunteers and supported by your donations. Contributions are tax-deductible and remain in Alaska. Help pets and their families today.

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Adoption How do I apply to adopt from Friends of Pets? Adopt Online — click here to start Apply by mail — download a hard copy of the application Apply by phone — call our Info Center at and press 7 to leave a message, including your name and phone number.

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A volunteer will return your call to complete your application. How much does adoption cost? How will I know the status of my application?